One of Paul & Co’s core philosophies is to make all our Edge Protectors customizable. Whether you want to adjust thickness, strength, or size, our Edge Protectors can be made to order. What’s more, our protectors are highly durable, even when made thinner. You can rest assured that you will not waste space or compromise your products.

Our thin and sturdy protection solutions lower your risks of lost opportunities in a marketplace where seamless delivery is the new norm. Plus, all of this is now possible in harmony with the environment.

By utilizing the thinness and strength of our Standard or XQ Edge Protectors, pallet align-ment becomes effortless, and the stackability of your goods increases.

With a thin wall that does not sacrfice integrity, our protectors will help you save time when loading and unloading, prevent general damage and damage in transit, reduce the occurrence of accidents, and provide you with a simple and low-cost option to protect your goods, which are also disposable through waste-paper recycling.

Our Edge Protectors are thin and robust!



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Our Products

Our Products


Our Standard Edge Protectors are angular and effectively protect your packaging units that need to be moved or stored worldwide – from individual packaging units to the protection of entire container loads. Our slim design en-sures that you do not waste any unnecessary room.


If you require more rigidity and stiffness, or higher quality for enhanced safety, our ‘eXtended Quality’ XQ Edge Protector offers up to 20% more strength than our Standard protectors. With more quality, you achieve even more security.

                             Available dimensions        


                Wall thicknesses                                                                Lengths
2 – 9 mm                                                                50 – 6,500 mm



                 Width                                                                                   Asymmetrical Width
35x35 – 100x100 mm                                           35–100 x 35–100 mm
                 (eg. 35x35, 60x60, 100x100 mm)