Do you want to ensure that your products reach the recipient safely and intact? Our angular edge protectors effectively protect your packaging units against transport damage – from individual packaging units right through to the protection of entire truck loads. Applied to the edges of your goods, they provide optimum protection. Additionally, our customised solutions for any type of sales packaging or shipping goods are all completely recyclable.

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Choose the optimal angular edge protectors to meet your requirements from our range:

Standard Angular Edge Protectors


Are you looking to effectively protect your palletised boxes against lateral slide? Do you want to protect those sensitive box corners against damage? Or do you want to optimally distribute the tension from strapping or stretch foil over the entire packaging unit? Then our standard angular edge protectors are exactly what you are looking for. Exceptional in terms of strength, these angular edge protectors optimally protect your boxes against transport damage.

Available dimensions:

  • Side lengths: from 35 x 35 mm to 75 x 75 mm
  • Irregular side lengths up to 90 x 60 mm are also available
  • Lengths: 50 to max. 6,500 mm
  • Wall thicknesses: 2 to 7 mm

You have not found the right dimensions to meet your requirements: no problem, other sizes are also available upon request! We would be delighted to help you.

Your benefits:

  • Optimum load securing and effective space utilisation
  • Balanced distribution of tension over the whole packaging unit
  • Suitable dimensions to meet your requirements upon request
XQ Angular Edge Protector

XQ type

Are you looking for an angular edge protector that offers even more security? Then you need enhanced quality. We offer "eXtended Quality" in the form of our XQ type angular edge protectors. This type of angular edge protector offers up to 20% more strength than the standard types. How do we do it? Through innovative processing methods. The rounded corners enable the XQ angular edge protector to better distribute the tension and tensile forces generated by the strapping or lashing straps and at the same time reduce pressure on the packaged goods.

Your benefits:

  • Optimal distribution of the tension and tensile forces generated by the strapping
  • Less pressure on the packaged goods

Further information and additional products from our edge protector range are available on the Paul & Co Germany website.