Our cores offer customised solutions for the limitless range of plastic and metallised films and foils as well as technical films. At Paul & Co Asia, choose from a variety of combinations and qualities to find the customised cores you require for your films, foils and flexible packaging. Our intensive cooperation enables us to deliver customised quality cores in exact and consistent dimensions for your films, foils and flexible packaging.

Standard, strength

Standard Core


If you require cores in specific dimensions and of a particular strength, then you have certainly come to the right place. Paul & Co Asia is able to supply the type of standard core you require. We offer this service for all cores,whether for packaging, consumer or stretch films.

Available dimensions:

  • Available in any length and almost any desired inner diameter.

Your benefits:

  • Large selection
  • Variable strengths and dimensions
  • Customised qualities
K Cores

Strength: K cores

The basis for defining your core requirements is a precise analysis of your specific winding process. We would be only too pleased to help in this respect. Paul & Co Asia will supply the perfect product for your specific application. This is the reason why in-depth winding research is so important to us at Paul & Co Asia. It enables our company to optimise our hard paper cores to meet your requirements. Our research in this area has, for example, given rise to our exclusive K cores. The primary attribute of these cores is that they are able to withstand the high loads generated in the plastic film winding process.

Are you looking for cores that will withstand any strains generated during winding? Then our K cores are the perfect solution for you, as they are based on plastic film winding measurements. Owing to their design, K cores optimally deal with the radial forces created when winding plastic film. They absorb the winding pressure of the foil, which enables the cores to withstand strains better and longer.

Your benefits:

  • Optimum cores for any application
  • Support in eliminating failure sources during the winding process
  • Reliability even under highest strains

Smooth, refined and pristine

GUK and GUP Cores


Whether for PE film, PP film or coated papers, opt for our smooth surface spirally wound cores without a winding gap. In the GUP version, the spirally wound cores are also available with a release-coated surface.

Your benefits:

  • 100% recyclable
  • Optimum price-performance ratio


In the shape of its PG to PGG-MS core types, Paul & Co Asia offers cores of suitable quality for use with complex or sensitive plastic or metallised films and foils. DUS cores, for example, have a seamless, smooth surface and feature <50 µm surface waviness.

Our type PGG-MS cores are additionally supplied with end stickers on the front sides, which significantly enhance core cleanliness and hygiene.

Your benefit:

  • Seamless, smooth surface
NG Cores


For polyester, polyamide or copper films/foils as well as for diverse electronic industry applications, trust in our NG type of spirally wound cores. NG cores offer both superlative quality and refined surface finishing. Our cores are release-coated and notable for their exceptional geometry. In addition they boast optimal concentricity characteristics, making them a competitive alternative to metallic or composite precision tubes.

The core surface features waviness of < 25 µm and roughness of < 2.5 µm. As such the core is ideal for winding films and foils with thicknesses of up to 20 µm.

Your benefits:

  • Release-coating and exceptional geometry
  • Optimum concentricity characteristics
NP Cores


Used in clean room applications or as an alternative to plastic or phenolic resin cores, our type NP of spirally wound cores offer premium-quality surfaces and exceptional geometric characteristics. If you plan on winding extra-fine polyester and copper films/foils with thicknesses of < 10 µm, our NP cores are the perfect option.

These cores have a surface waviness of < 20 µm and roughness of < 1.5 µm.

Your benefits:

  • Premium quality surfaces
  • Exceptional geometric characteristics


Whether for steel strips with a thickness of less than 0.22 mm, cigarette papers with a grammage of under 30g/m2, extra-fine polyester film or metallised foils and magnetic steel bands, our NOVUM cores will meet all your requirements. Not only do these cores offer perfect surface, flow and hygiene properties, they also look good and are exceptional to the touch.

Choose our NOVUM products for an extremely robust, temperature-resistant and environmentally-friendly core. In the course of our developments for you, we have consistently used special paper made from primary resources. As a consequence, our cores are made of 100 per cent renewable resources and are completely recyclable.

Your benefits:

  • Exceptional strength
  • Temperature-resistant
  • Environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic and synthetic resin winding cores
  • Completely recyclable

Start-up winding aids

FS Cores


We use both spiralled and all-over pressure-sensitive adhesive on our FS cores. This effectively avoids imprints in your wound products during the start-up winding. The application of adhesive also means conventional tapes are not required and simultaneously enables automatic and efficient roll transfer.

Your benefits:

  • Automatic and efficient roll transfer
  • No disruptive imprints on the wound products during the start-up winding

Further information and additional products from our range of cores for films, foils and flexible packaging are available on the Paul & Co Germany website.